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Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse is our go to solo female travel expert and writes a guest column featuring tips and advice. It’s an important topic I can’t adequately cover, so I brought in an expert to sh are her advice. This month her column is on safety tips since it’s been a common question among women travelers.

One of the chief concerns for most would-be solo travelers is safety. Can I stay safe on my own? How can I convince my friends and family that I’ll be okay? The good news is: yes, you will be safe on the road. It’s easier than you think because you already have the skills you need — the same methods you use to stay safe at home are relevant abroad as well.

Most people are scared before taking off on their first solo adventure (or in my case, 30th solo adventure). It’s easy to be nervous before heading somewhere new. There are a lot of unknown factors (will you make friends? will you be safe?) that you’ll turn over and over in your brain.

But it’s all in your head. Your brain is creating worst-case scenarios that aren’t likely to happen. I’ve found that following a few simple rules is enough to keep me (and you) safe on the road.

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