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Years ago, I wrote a post about things I like to do beyond just travel. While I drop hints here and there about the “non-Nomadic Matt” me, today I thought I’d share some interesting facts about me that are not travel related. (Especially since a lot of you responded to my last email about being in a creative slump with “Well, tell us more about you!”)

So grab some popcorn and learn a little more about who I am and what I do when I’m not on the road:

Speaking of which, I love popcorn. Seriously. It has zero nutritional value and an infinite amount of taste! I can’t get enough of it. Always salted, no butter though.

i love movies. I probably watch two or three a week, either in the theater or at home on Netflix.

When I’m on a plane, I only watch bad movies — the cheesy Hollywood movies I’d never spend money to see. They’re terrible, but they are the kind of mindless entertainment I want while I’m relaxing over an ocean. It’s my way to turn my brain off for a bit.

When I’m not traveling abroad, I split my time between Austin, where I’m a resident, and , where I go when it gets too hot in Texas or I need some really good sushi.NCY,

I consume an unhealthy amount of news, especially as it pertains to politics. Not just US politics — I follow the political situation in a lot of countries. While it impresses locals that I can name their prime minister and discuss recent changes in farm bills, it’s not healthy reading so much news. I’ve had to delete news apps from my phone so I would stop thinking the sky was always falling.

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