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The first time I went overseas alone, I was 21 years old and terrified. Everything was an unknown. Would I meet people? Would i be safe Did I have what it took?

I had landed in Taiwan as a language student and finding a place to live, opening a bank account, and setting up a cell phone all seemed like insurmountable obstacles. I spent my first three days on the road hiding in a hotel room, afraid to emerge, and fumbled at a language I barely knew.

But, eventually, I met my new roommate via a forum online, made friends with her friends, and grew to love everything that traveling solo entailed.

That positive experience was the start to a journey that had me quitting my job to travel around the world at twenty-six.

Traveling solo in my twenties was fun and social. Staying in dorms made meeting people easy. All I had to do is walk into the dorm room, say hello, and, usually, I had a few built-in friends right off the bat. As anyone who frequents dorms knows, they tend to be party places. Almost every hostel has a bar and a common way of experiencing the freedom of being abroad is to do so with a drink in hand. My main objective back then was to go for as long as i could on the money i'd saved up and to have as much fun as possible.

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