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I’ve written about buying travel insurance a lot. I’ve talked about how to find the right policy, discussed why World Nomads is my favorite company, and answered a few of the most common questions on the subject.

But while I’ve talked about the practical “how-to” part of getting insurance, I’ve never really focused on the why of travel insurance.

So let’s talk about that today.

Why should you buy travel insurance?

Why is it important?

What’s in it for you?

Peace of mind.

And the potential not to go broke.

And the ability to get care when you need it.

Many of us believe we’re invincible: we think we’ll never get sick on the road, robbed, or be involved in an accident. As someone tweeted to me “I’ve traveled extensively for more than a decade and never once ever *considered* buying travel insurance. Still no issues.”

But the past is not prologue.

I never thought I’d break my camera or pop an eardrum while scuba diving. My friend never thought he’d break his back. My other friends didn’t plan on bike and car accidents, or getting their stuff stolen, or their dad dying and having to suddenly fly home.

But all those things did happen.

And travel insurance was there for each of them.

You’re not Superman or Wonder Woman. You can’t fight off criminals, bend steel, or fly. You can’t fall from the sky and walk away.

When you’re a budget traveler, spending a few hundred extra dollars on something that only might be used can be a hard pill to swallow. When every penny counts, the temptation is to just roll the dice and hope nothing happens.

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